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Ubuntu on the samsung 900X3C

Recently I got my hands on a (actual several) samsung 900X3C laptop(s). If anything competes with the macbook air it has got be these these laptops. Samsung has done a great job on this one. But unfortunately running Ubuntu precise or even Quantal on these beautiful machines doesn’t come without glitches. So I decided to [...]

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Ubuntu 12.04 and a nokia-CS19 internetstick

Due to a regression bug in usb-modeswitch, the internetstick isn’t recognized as 3g-modem anymore. This is due to the fact that the stick presents itself as plain usb-stick. It should be unmounted by usb-modeswitch after the driver has been installed (though it works out of the box). Simply umount the usb datadisk in nautilus en [...]

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